Our Activities

Elite provide an opportunity for people to gain confidence through socialising as well as a great range of other activities.

Arts & Crafts
Arts and Crafts: – Following weekly topics where everyone has the opportunity to learn and develop new and existing skills, especially hand/eye coordination and concentration. Arts and Crafts include embroidery, painting, drawing, collage and textiles. A rewarding process for everyone where final work is displayed and later arranged in individual Art development folders.
Expressive Arts
Expressive Arts: – A mixed programme of Arts based activities. A therapeutic approach supporting everyone involved to engage with the Arts. (Combining the art of music, art and poetry – to communicate and gain understanding of feelings and emotions. To express!)
Independent Voices
Independent Voices: – A chance for everyone to Sing, Perform and have Fun!!! Including: Songs from the shows, Disney, Sing in harmony with each other, Voice Practice, Social skills and the chance to perform.
Creative Dance
Creative Dance and movement: – An educational and creative process enabling everyone to understand their bodies in the space with connection to voice, sound and music. With the use of a variety of music styles, props (to encourage awareness) themes, resources and research based activities, creating original based work, working towards performance. Development and feedback.
Music For Senses
Music for our Senses: – The ‘KHOROS’; our brand new multi-sensory instrument. A fantastic interactive learning resource where everyone shall have the opportunity to create their own music using a variety of rhythms and recorded sounds.
Cookery: – Our weekly session is hands on, where through team work everyone prepares for a dish of the week in relation to the topic. We include and practically demonstrate ‘Healthy Choices’ as a running theme. Educating to encourage independent healthy choices and lifestyle.
Baking and Cake Decoration: – An activity to show flair and creativity through baking. To gain new skills where each session will develop from one week to the next. The final bakes can be taken home to share and enjoy.
Rambling: – This ongoing activity allows participants to explore the outdoors. Great for exercise, and awareness of road safety where travel training is continuous and integral. A lovely option to discover and be exposed to the local beauty spots of North Staffordshire.
Social Activities
Social Activities: – A chance to have fun, meet new people and make new friends. Activities such as; Bingo, Games, Sports, Social evenings and much more. All encourage life and social skills, building confidence for every individual, where personalities are able to flourish and communities come together.
Photography: – Photography allows individuals to visually capture images through the lens. They have the opportunity to visit new places in and around the surrounding area and focus on specific interests. Each image is adapted into art form by the individual and added to their personal portfolio.
Drama: – Students learn a range of drama skills and techniques that allow them to communicate with both an audience and each other in different ways. Understanding how to apply facial expressions and body language to a performance helps students to access and explore and script work encourages speech and language development.

Not only is Drama a creative platform for students to enhance their performance skills, but it is a key component in confidence building and communication development.