Client Testimonials

“I love it…spending time with my friends and I like the friendly staff. I enjoy the arts and crafts” (Darren)

“I like it here; it makes me feel happy – nice people. I Like Drama, singing and photography and seeing my friends” (David)

“The Staff are very good. It’s a nice place to be and it makes me feel very good.” (Lewis)

“There are activities that help you to concentrate. Nice staff, nice building and a good place to learn new skills. I enjoy music and gaming. I like making new friends, socializing and relaxing.” (Daniel)

“Elite is a good place to make friends. The staff are very caring and friendly. I enjoy drama the most because I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was three! I have also starred in Daniel Ford’s ‘No Offence’. (Janet Cork)

“I enjoy Art and Expressive Art, it’s my favorite thing. When I’m having a bad day, my art takes me to another place in the world.” (Andrew)

Other Testimonials

“I provide support to a client and in a short time I’ve been made to feel welcome and part of a group. It’s a friendly atmosphere and I feel at home. The activities are structured and lead professionally.” (Tracy Wheawall, Support Worker)

“Great Value for money. Its welcoming with good facilities, and excellent disability access throughout. The staff are very friendly, and they keep the activities fresh, and they cater for individual needs. Charlotte loves the theme days.” (Susan, Shared Lives)

“I just enjoy being with the clients, it’s a nice atmosphere. There are good activities, and I enjoy getting up every morning for work” (Lucy, Elite)

“What a fantastic place for individuals to develop a whole host of skills! From communicating in different and effective ways to creative learning and working towards personal goals. The happy and super friendly environment brightens up my Monday and Friday mornings!” (Laura Harvey, Drama Tutor)