Here you can find a taste of the comments and feedback we have received over time from our users.

Feedback from happy Elite users

“Her life before Elite was very lonely, she had no friends, no confidence and low self esteem. We took X to do a Voluntary Shift and the change is amazing! She is now a different girl. We would like to say a Big Thank You to Elite and long may it continue.”Parents of Female, Age 17
“Since i have been volunteering at Elite i have made lots of new friends and got more confident. I love to keep busy and hate been stuck at home bored. Tuesday’s at Activity Central keep me busy because i help in the kitchen serving drinks and food to everyone, plus iv gained skills so i can go get a paying job in the future. I love it!”Female, Age 24
“I have been with Elite for 2 years now, i work at The Pavilion cleaning and also at the Tea Rooms serving food and drink. I really like working at Elite as its gets me out of the house, iv gained lots of confidence and made some really good friends. I also love it when we go out on trips with Elite as i get to enjoy different places with my friends.”Male, Age 23
“Before coming to Elite i had been going to Day Services for 23 years. I decided to leave as i was bored, there wasn’t much activities going on or day trips, plus things were getting to expensive for me with costs going up. I have now made lots of friends and i now feel more confident, supported and independent since i starting coming to Elite.”Anonymous

“I really enjoyed my Work Experience and Volunteering at Elite, it’s a fantastic place. The clients really do appreciate everything that Elite do. Whilst being there I saw the confidence that the clients had and I was told that many of the clients were very shy and lacked confidence when they first started. I couldn’t believe it because everyone really got involved and had no problem speaking to me and each other. Everybody including; staff, clients and families treated me with such politeness and respect. It’s a brilliant organisation working with amazing people.”Student of Newcastle-Under-Lyme Collage, Age 17